Neutrality is not a term that is frequently used. In fact I had never really heard it before I learned Reflective Repatterning with Chris Milbank. But the more I do head trash clearance work, the more I realise its importance, but especially how for others to ACTUALLY understand it. I have to be honest, it’s taken me a while to get my head fully round it but I think I’ve cracked it. So, not one for keeping things to myself, I’d like to share where I’ve got to with it. spent a bit of time talking about it at a workshop I gave this week and loads of people came up to me at the end saying how that bit really helped them.. so you have them to thank!

I firmly believe that neutrality is WHY mindfulness works in its ability to give space in the moment to behave mindfully, as opposed to reverting to our knee-jerk reactions that may well be old or family patterns.

During this podcast you will hear

  • what neutrality is
  • give some examples of neutrality, and lack of it (polarity) in action
  • the link between neutrality and being mindful
  • Chris Milbank, the founder of Reflective Repatterning, gives his perspective
  • how to create neutrality
  • why it can enhance your meditation practice, and ability to be mindful