So, what do I mean by the psychology of illness?

Well, in the time that I’ve spent doing the work I’m doing, I frequently come across cases with my clients whereby they tell me that certain physical conditions or illnesses they have seem to disappear after we’ve done some work together. I myself have experienced a big drop in the dis-ease in my body as a result of clearing my head trash. So I’ve always been intrigued to understand this a lot more. So, when I spotted Jenny Lynn talking and blogging about the psychosomatic causes of dis-ease and illness I immediately asked if I could chat to her about it for my podcast.

Jenny has been working in the field of psychotherapy for many years and she uses a heap of techniques and approaches with her clients so she’s brilliantly placed to comment on the psychology of illness, if indeed it exists at all.

During our chat Jenny shares

  • her personal story of clearing dis-ease in her body through tapping into her psychology
  • why the body takes the brunt for unresolved emotional upsets
  • the common emotional upsets that are linked to common ailments
  • why we should seek to understand the psychology of illness even if our prognosis isn’t good

A fascinating chat that I’m sure will make you think next time you come down with something.