Is it time you tried self healing?

The modern western culture that many of us grew up in encourages us to go and see the doctor if we’re not well. And for many that’s what we do. To be honest, it’s what I used to do, until I made a shift in my thinking.

Over the course of many personal experiences, workshops, books, mentors and teachers… you name it, I realised that I didn’t have to act like a victim when it came to my health, but instead I could take responsibility.

What do I mean by VICTIM?

Well, a victim usually belives that something is happening to them. They might even think that they cannot control it. When we take responsibility, we accept that maybe there’s something we did (or didn’t do) that contributed to this happening OR that we are in a position to change it personally. As opposed to waiting for someone else to tell us what to do, waiting for something to stop happening to us, or waiting for someone to help us out of the situation like, give us some drugs or medicine.

Now when I experience something where I would normally go to the doctors, I slow down and first take a look in the mirror and ask myself whether or not there’s something that I could to address this and heal it. Some of things that I ask myself include;

  • Are there negative thoughts or beliefs that are contributing to my physical lack of well-being?
  • Is there something I need to learn or accept?
  • Do I have trapped emotions that need to be released [that are contributing to this]?
  • Do I need to create neutrality and balance in a part of my life?

I’ve been using this self healing approach quite successfully in recent years and as a result have reduced my visits to the doctor, which has in turn reduced the amount of anti-biotics that I have taken (which are known to decrease your immunity in the long term) and have been much healthier as a result.

So today’s podcast is to share with you some of these personal stories of success.

But, let me be clear. What I’m not suggesting is that there is no place for medical experts or professionals – they are an important part of our lives. And neither am I suggesting that we are to blame if we are ill. But instead I invite you to look inwards to heal yourself as a first port of call.

During the podcast I share some simple ways to start self healing to help you to live a more healthy life including

  • how I get rid of my headaches without taking tablets
  • how to dialogue with the body to uncover why you might be ill
  • using The Emotion Code and our head trash clearance method to clear trapped emotions
  • how I got rid of my cat allergy using our 5 step process
  • how I cleared my pregnancy back and groin pain (otherwise known as pelvic girdle pain PGP or symphysis pubis dysfunction SPD) using the emotion code

I hope you enjoy and find it useful.