Have you mastered the art of giving?

As we approach the culmination of the season of goodwill, many of us are busily preparing for giving and receiving. But, are we doing it in a healthy way?

So today I want to help you to think a little bit more about giving;

  • Why do we give… what are our motivations?
  • How do we give?
  • Do we do it in a way that makes others feel good or rubbish?
  • And what about being on the other end.. receiving.. are we good receivers?
  • Or, are we takers?
  • Are we giving badly?
  • What are the unhealthy aspects of giving?

In the podcast, I mention Adam Grant’s book, Give and Take which looks at what it takes to succeed in organisations. And it’s not why you might expect.

And, finally I finish up by sharing some ways that you might be able to give mindfully and in a healthy and balanced way.

I hope it gives you plenty of food for thought for the festive season.

Merry Christmas!