I’m so excited to bring the Head Trash Show back. It’s been a long break, but one that has been worth it.

So in this opening episode this is what I want to share with you;

Where I’ve been

You might be wondering why I took a break and what I’ve been up to. If I said to you that I had a baby, you’d probably think “oh sure, you’ve been at home with the kids” But that’s not strictly true. The experience of having my second daughter took me on a different trajectory work-wise and head trash-wise.

As a result of my own experience in overcoming my fears of birth and pregnancy, I wrote a book Fearless Birthing and launched the Fear Free Childbirth podcast. Just this month I hit 525,000 downloads, which I find a little bit crazy. But such is the importance of fear when it comes to birth and pregnancy.

As a result of this detour into pregnancy and birth I’ve learned a lot about the nature of fear and anxiety and I’d like to bring that back now into how fear and anxiety affects us in day-to-day life.

The ‘Clear Your Head Trash’ book

Last year I brought out the book Clear Your Head Trash. In this book I share the Head Trash Clearance Method™ which is the technique that I’ve refined and use to clear head trash.

The book is designed for you to use to follow step-by-step to clear your head trash, and it’s not long, which means you can read and get cracking in a weekend.

The book is available from all online book sellers.

As you can see, the podcast has a new website too, so this is now your destination for all things head trash.



What would you like to hear on the show?

I’m really interested to know what you would like to hear on the Head Trash Show. What are you struggling with? What head trash are you wrestling with in your life?

I’ve created a tiny little 3-question survey for you use to let me know.


This will help me to come up with content that will be helpful to you.

Podcast Transcription

If you would like to access the transcription for this podcast episode, then head over here.

Listen to the podcast here

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