The new science of epigenetics marks a paradigm shift in our thinking in quite a profound way; that our thoughts, beliefs and emotions can affect how our genes are expressed in our body. I first came across epigenetics when I read Bruce Lipton’s book, The Biology of Belief, which totally blew my mind.

So, what does that mean exactly. Well, old thinking went a bit like this… your family had a history of diabetes, cancer, heart conditions… that kind of thing.. and it was accepted that if it ran in your family, then you were at increased risk of getting whatever thing it was too. This was called a genetic condition. But this has now been proven to be wrong.

The science of epigenetics now tells us that while our genes might have the “potential” for a particular disease or condition, it doesn’t mean that they will express it. The deciding factor is the environment in which the genes find themselves; your body. And, this environment is determined by a huge number of factors, and most significantly, your thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

During today’s podcast, I chat to geneticist turned epigenticist Charan Surdhar about

  • what the science of epigenetics is all about
  • how epigenetics differs to genetics
  • what is meant by your genes expressing themselves positively
  • the role that your thoughts, feelings and emotions in your genetics, and therefore your health and wellbeing
  • what that means for so called “genetic conditions” or “hereditary diseases”
  • why adopted children don’t necessarily escape the diseases that run in families
  • the role of the heart in managing your health and wellbeing
  • what the heart wall is and how you can clear it, if you need to

And loads more!

Charan Surdhar originally trained as a human geneticist, and worked at the Birmingham Childrens Hospital for over 10 years where she was responsible for identifying unknown DNA mutations in children and their families. During that time she became interested in the mind-body-soul connection, as a result of personal struggles. When she left the science world, she took her science thinking with her and now blends her science with Energy Medicine. Charan teaches her clients how to unleash their own healing potential through the power of energy medicine and recent scientific discoveries. As well as being an author, Charan also creates her own animation videos which are well worth checking out on her YouTube channel.

During our chat, Charan talks about how she uses The Emotion Code by Bradley Nelson to help people to clear their heart wall of the negative emotions that are holding them back.