In this podcast episode, I’m chatting with Alex Heath about trauma, and getting her perspective.
I know Alex from my time working in the pregnancy and birth world, as Alex specialises in birth trauma and perinatal mental and emotional health.
For me, birth trauma is unique as far as trauma goes.
A huge aspect of trauma is the meaning we associate with a root event, and the meanings we hold around birth are off the scale. The emotional aspect of birth is huge,
When you consider how parents-to-be feel about the arrival of a new member of their family, there can be a lot of emotions invested in the birth event. This is the case no matter what kind of journey the family have had in the lead up to the birth. But if there has been a very difficult journey, with loss or fertility, then the emotions surrounding the birth will be very intense.
Add to that the fact that birth is a very physical event, this means that when birth doesn’t go to plan, the pain can be twofold – physical and emotional.
Another huge aspect of trauma – or at least something that can exacerbate it – is when the person experiencing the traumatic event, feels trapped. Like there’s no way out.
Birth is definitely one of those situations. Once the first few contractions start, there is no getting off that train until the baby has made an appearance. And if the birth is difficult and painful, this can add to the stress and trauma of the event.
It’s for all these reasons that I thought that a conversation with Alex around trauma would be worth having and I was not disappointed.

About Alex

Alex is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, occasional Birth Doula and parent. Since 2010 she has supported parents as they have recovered from traumatic perinatal events, depression and anxiety. She began teaching the same therapeutic skills that she was using successfully with parents to birth professionals and HCP in 2016.

Since then she has trained 100s of professionals in the skills, techniques and framework that can safely, gently and effectively lift trauma symptoms and support parents towards their own goals of recovery. Alex frequently provides study days and training for the NHS and other health and wellbeing organisations and speaks at events about perinatal emotional health & wellbeing.

You can find Alex here;

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