On today’s show I’m chatting with Louise Hallam who is a mindfulness and meditation teacher.

The reason I want to get Louise on the show is because Louise recently did some head trash clearance with me. I thought it would be useful to share her perspective on using meditation and head trash clearance, and how they can be best used side by side.

Meditation and Head Trash Clearance

We often hear how mindfulness and meditation is the answer to our problems if we want to reduce the stress and anxiety in our lives. And yes, they can help. But I think there are quicker ways of going about this. Personally, I wouldn’t use mindfulness and meditation in that way.

I think meditation is a powerful technique that is brilliant for giving you the space to connect to your intuition and to create space for mental and emotional processing. But, I believe that there are quicker ways to reduce stress and anxiety. And using the head trash clearance method is one such way.

I talk about combining meditation and head trash clearance in my book. But I think it’s always worth getting a second opinion on these matters because I don’t for one minute believe that I have the final word on this. This is why I am diving into this with Louise.

As a mindfulness and meditation teacher, who has now experienced an intense period of head trash clearance, I thought she would be the perfect person to challenge me and put me right (if indeed I needed to be put right!).

Those of you who do mindfulness and meditation will be interested in Louise’s experience of doing both meditation and head trash clearance and how she uses them to help her to become a better version of herself.

Building Confidence

But this conversation isn’t only about that. We also talk about the how head trash clearance helped Louise to build up her confidence. By exploring those aspects of herself that were sapping her confidence we were able to clear them away which created the space for her confidence to step forward.

Connecting to her authentic self

Getting rid of the fears and doubts also created the space for Louise’s authentic self to emerge. She is no longer trying to fit in with people’s expectations of her, or feeling hemmed in from her fears. Instead, Louise is now much more accepting of who she is and is happy to own that.

A healed introvert?

Louise was a self-confessed introvert used to find it hard to go out networking and it was exhausting for her. She would worry about not being taken seriously and saying something silly. This was holding her back in her business.

During our chat, Louise shares how within weeks, she was organising her own networking event with over 100 people interested in attending. Now she has no problems going out meeting new people and putting herself out there. And, her networking event is now a regular feature in her local business community.

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About Louise

Louise has a background in leadership learning and development and is able to provide a bridge between the corporate world and a holistic approach to employee wellbeing. Her employee wellbeing work has included Volvo and recently CTG. She also works with individuals, groups and charities and is passionate about making mindfulness and meditation accessible to everyone.

meditation and head trash clearanceLouise has been practising mindfulness and meditation for over 10 years. She started Still Calm after seeing that the benefits were not only relevant for her own circumstances, but a whole range of factors that people are facing in the modern world.

We live in a time when we can be stimulated by information 24 hours a day and more is expected of us in the workplace. Mindfulness is an essential, rather than an optional tool for anyone who looks after their wellbeing. The benefits of mindfulness include increased productivity, performance, innovation, building resilience, communication and managing stress. Louise is able to see the synergy between making mindfulness adaptable for employers as well as the wellbeing of employees.

Louise has recently added an expertise in energy and emotion management both in the workplace and individually for senior level managers and business owners, who are looking to regain their purpose and passion in their established role. She works intuitively with quickly get to the root cause of what limits true potential and purpose.

Louise is also pleased to be a Meditation Teacher accredited with the British School of Meditation.

You can find Louise at her website StillCalm, on Twitter and on Facebook.

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