Whenever I see a face, I can usually tell whether they have a load of head trash. this is because whenever we have lots of stresses and anxieties, the tension that this creates shows up in our bodies, and our faces.

We’re familiar with the aching shoulders, tension head-aches and other bodily aches that come from being stressed and anxious, and in my experience these tensions show up in the face. They are so prominent that I tend to notice a difference in the faces of my clients over the course of the time of us working together. The difference can be quite remarkable.

This is a reflection of the connection that we’re all-too aware of: the mind-body connection.

When we experience emotions, they do not pass through our brain or our conscious mind, they pass through the body. It would take too long for us to get the message if we waited for our emotions to be processed by the mind. Our body enables us to get the message that our emotions are sending to us instantly. This is pretty helpful when faced with a life-threatening situation. The problem comes when our emotions get trapped in our body because this is when tension is created and movements are limited.

If we want to release this emotional tension, one way of doing that is by clearing out the emotional energy – which we can do using Head Trash Clearance – and the other way we can do that is through movement of the body. To help us to better understand this connection between mind and body, I invited Victoria Salomon onto the podcast to talk it through.

Victoria is a movement specialist and her work touches on the the emotional component, so I thought she’d make a great guest to help us explore this fascinating topic.

The Ladder of Head Trash

Our conversation follows the structure of the Ladder of Head Trash, more of which you can read about in my book Clear Your Head Trash, but which goes a bit like this;

At the bottom of the ladder we are full of head trash. It weighs us down and makes it hard for us to climb the ladder. The more head trash we clear, the more easy we find it to climb the ladder to subsequent rungs. At the top of the ladder, we are in a place whereby we have high levels of emotional resilience and mental fitness, we are confident and have strong levels of personal power. We’re in flow.

The five rungs of the Head Trash Ladder are as follows;

  • Conkers
  • Washing balls
  • Bouncy balls
  • Snooker Balls
  • Glitter Balls

During this conversation, Victoria and I explore each of these rungs from a mind and body perspective. This can help you to figure out where you are on the ladder, and how best to overcome the challenges you’re facing as a result of where you are on the ladder, whether those are emotional or physical.

About Victoria

Victoria specialises in helping you, whether emotional pain means you struggle to jump out of bed in the morning, or your physical pain and stiffness stops you bending down to do up your shoes, or running around participating in sport or playing with your kids!

The Ixchel System is her inside out approach, teaching you to assess and realign your own muscular-skeletal and nervous system. This will realign and rebalance your emotional and physical connection, to create total freedom in your body and mind.

Victoria’s goal is that you do not need her for long, because within a short time of working The Ixchel System you will have reclaimed the power you want, so you have agency over your health and will be relieved of, or more in control of your pain!

She has a series of courses as well working one to one!

Find more in on Victoria Salomon and The Ixchel System at her website here.

And here are some further resources that Victoria offers:

Positive Power of Pain Podcast
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