When deciding whether or not you need to clear any head trash, a good place to start is knowing out what it ACTUALLY is. Because it’s only then that you can start trying to figure out whether you have any and what it looks like exactly.

So that’s what I talk about in today’s episode. Whenever I tell people that one of the things I do is to clear head trash, people mostly get what I mean, but I almost always get a questioning look as if to say “You mean that rubbish in my head that I don’t want? …. my inner voice and chatter?”. It’s almost like, they need me to confirm that, yes they are right: head trash is what they think it is. So, this show is my way of doing that.

During this show I introduce you to the usual head trash suspects so that you can begin to start figuring out what yours might be. Because, let’s face it, you can’t get rid of something¬† that you don’t know exists!

Enjoy the show!


Running time: 20 minutes.

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