To feel and perform at your best, I believe that head trash clearance and mindset should be a practice. But I realise that not everyone sees things in that way.

Once you get your head around the idea of head trash and that it’s something that you can clear quite easily, it’s easy to get excited about it. Well, it was for me. Noticing such huge differences in how I feel in such a small period of time is something that taps into my need for efficiency and my hate of wasting time.

Since I’ve been clearing head trash professionally I’ve worked with lots and lots of people, some of whom I’m still in touch with.

One of these people – let’s call him Alfie – was recently sharing about the emotional struggles he was having. Immediately my Head Trash Radar went into full alert. So I tentatively suggested that this might be a head trash situation and that doing some clearance might help.

To which Alfie replied “Well, I’ve done some head trash clearance already. You remember? We did some a couple of years back”.

And immediately I realised that I had not explained things clearly enough to him back then. So here goes….

Head trash clearance is a lot like exercise

If you want to be get fit, then we all know that exercise and diet is a big part of that.

Now let’s imagine that a couple of years ago, you decided that you wanted to get fit. And, for about a month you went to the gym three times a week and did some serious juicing. At the time, you noticed a difference and you were really pleased with yourself. But the juicing and the exercise did not remain a part of your lifestyle.

So today, you find yourself thinking “hmmm I could really do with losing a bit of weigh and becoming healthier. I should probably get back to exercise and eating better”. You probably wouldn’t think “well, I exercised for a bit two years back, I’m not quite sure what to do now.”.

You wouldn’t would you?

It’s fairly obvious that the reason you’re out of shape now is BECAUSE you didn’t maintain the healthy activities.

The same goes for the mind and our emotional wellbeing. You can’t expect to be in good emotional health if you don’t undertake a regular practice.

Head trash clearance is like cutting sugar and fat

Head trash clearance is like cutting the sugar and fat from your diet. It’s getting rid of the stuff you don’t need and that no longer serves you. This is the toxic emotional stuff that drags you down and makes you feel crap.

Now, as with exercise, this might need to start with a short period of intense activity. I call these Head Trash Clear-Outs and I LOVE doing them with people.

It’s a bit like hiring a personal trainer and a nutritionist for a month. You go all-in to make some epic in-roads. Then, like exercise, once you get to your ideal weight (or whatever the short term goal was), you take your foot off the pedal. But you don’t stop. You simply carry on at a more manageable pace that’s sustainable. When it fits around your life and feels effortless, it’s more likely to be maintained. The same goes for head trash clearance.

Why mindset should be a practice

Our mind and bodies are connected, so it makes sense that if we are striving to be healthy that we have a regular routine for our minds and our bodies. We wouldn’t expect our body to be healthy without a consistent focus, and this is why a focus on mindset should be a practice too.

If you feel like you’re in a bit of a mess emotionally then you might want to start with a Head Trash Clear-Out. This will help you to get rid of those long-standing patterns that are triggering the the stress and anxiety in your life. With those out the way, you’ll feel calmer and you’ll probably notice that your confidence soars too.

Having a head trash clearance burst like that also means that clearing head trash will come second nature to you, so when you notice new stuff popping up, you can get it sorted. Not only will you be able to spot it before it causes you too much angst, but you’ll be able to get rid of it quickly. This means it’s less likely to have too much of an impact on your life.

What does a Head Trash Clearance practice look like?

This will depend on where you’re at emotionally and what’s going on in your life. And of course, how serious you take this aspect of your life. Just like exercise, there are some who get up everyday at 5am to spend an hour in the gym, and there are others who go for a short run 3 times a week.

Where this differs to exercise is when there is stuff happening in your life that you’re struggling with. Things like a new job, a relationship breakdown or moving house can easily ramp up anxiety and stress or highlight aspects of yourself that you’d previously been unaware of.

When I moved countries with the family, I hit so many new levels of fear and uncertainty that I needed crank up my head trash clearance quite a bit for a while. But as soon as felt calmer with things I pulled back.

During a typical month I’d say I do 3-6 clearances a month. Clients who have been through my Head Trash Clear-Outs say the same. When I say mindset should be a practice, that is the kind of practice that I’m referring to. Of course, you can also include other mindset activities in your mindset practice, and for me, you would do these in addition to your head trash clearance practice.

Would you like us to work together?

In my book, Clear Your Head Trash, I outline some ways that you can start tackling your head trash. But I know that some people prefer to have someone show them the way. If that’s you and you’d like us to work together, then I’d love that. Perhaps, you’d like to kick things off with a Head Trash Clear-Out. Well, you can find out more about that here.

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