Start a head trash clearance to do list? What is that?   … is that what you’re thinking? I’m not surprised!

You might not like this but.. I want you to start a new to-do list! But this one is for all that head trash that you need to clear. You can read more about my thinking in this blog post, but for the real low down, listen to the podcast (right here in iTunes if that’s easier for you!)

Listen to me explain why I think the head trash clearance to-do list is a list worth having and why it’s probably the most important of ALL your to-do lists. During the show I also share

  • What type of things are on such a list
  • Some of the items that are on MY list at the moment
  • How often I try to tick things off it
  • How long I spend getting things OFF the list

I hope I convince you!