Clearance Mantras

To clear a fear or anxiety using Head Trash Clearance you need ONE of the following;

  1. The Head Trash Clearance Mantras – the script you use to do the clearance
  2. Head Trash Clearance Audio Track – just listen to do your clearance.
  3. Head Trash Coach – A Head Trash Coach will identify and clear your head trash for you.

If you read my book Clear Your Head Trash, you can figure out #1 for yourself. #2 is possible but you’ll be limited in the head trash that you can clear because I’ve not recorded tracks for all the possible head trash that people might have. The last option is pricey. Working with a Head Trash Coach will set you back $1000+.

Your best bet is to go with option #1. But, this can take time and effort, and most people worry that they might get them wrong.

Enter my pre-written Head Trash Clearance Mantras!

Here are a selection of Head Trash Clearance Mantras that you can use straight-away to tackle your head trash.

Simply pick something that resonates with you or that brings up an emotional charge for you.

These Head Trash Clearance Mantras are stand-alone items and you do not need to have read the book or done a course to use them.

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  • Losing Control

  • Trapped & Stuck

  • Dishonesty & Lying