Head Trash Clearance Mantras

The Head Trash Clearance Mantras are used when clearing your head trash using the Head Trash Clearance Methodâ„¢.

The Head Trash Clearance Method is a 5 step DIY method that you can use to get rid of things like fears, anxieties, internal conflicts, self-doubts and procrastination. The clearance process takes around 30-45 minutes.

To achieve the life-changing benefits of using Head Trash Clearance, it is recommended that you use the Head Trash Clearance Method consistently for a period of around 30-60 days.

For guidance on what you need to clear, please refer to the Clear Your Head Trash book or the Clear Your Head Trash online course.

Here are a selection of Head Trash Clearance Mantras that you can use straight-away to tackle your head trash.

Simply pick something that resonates with you or that brings up an emotional charge for you.

These Head Trash Clearance Mantras are stand-alone items and you do not need to have read the book or done a course to use them.

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  • Losing Control

  • Trapped & Stuck

  • Dishonesty & Lying