Abandonment Wound Healing


This Abandonment Wound Healing Activation has been created to help you to heal the hidden emotional wounds and traumas you carry around Abandonment.


Abandonment Wound Healing Activation for those who are suffering from the Abandonment Wound.

This Abandonment Wound Healing Activation has been created to help you to heal the hidden emotional wounds and traumas you’re carry around Abandonment.

This Abandonment Wound Healing Activation works in three stages;

  1. First you are invited to explore the wound so that you can better understand where it may have come from and how it’s affecting you.
  2. Next you can listen to the Healing Activation audio. This is a deep working audio that has been created to help you to release the deep and hidden aspects of the wound.
  3. Finally I share next steps for how you can continue with the healing of this wound by sharing common connected themes.

The Abandonment Wound

The universal Abandonment wound can come about for many reasons. Perhaps one of your parents was not present, or, even when they physically were, there was a lack of emotional connection, so you didn’t really feel like they were there for you. This wound can also come about when a parent or main care-giver dies.

The Abandonment wound often leads to a deep feeling of loneliness, and being emotionally dependent on your partners, or your closest friends. You might feel that you just can’t manage on your own. The Abandonment wound can create a fear of rejection and a fear of loneliness which means you will do anything to prevent experiencing abandonment again.

This could mean that you will be the one who does the abandoning or rejecting – of partners, projects – which means that things don’t tend to reach their potential, or completion. You might be someone who’s brilliant at starting new projects, but no so great at finishing them. In effect, you’re abandoning yourself.

Telltale signs you have the Abandonment Wound

If you’re suffering from the Abandonment wound you might experience some of the following:

  • You smother others with your needs to be looked after and NOT abandoned
  • You make yourself dependent on other people, you become a burden.
  • Problems with independent functioning and fear of loneliness.
  • You might find yourself crying alone, sometimes for hours on end, and you’re not always sure why
  • You have a victim mindset – believing in bad luck, causing dramas and/or diseases, thinking that the world/universe is making your life hard (that’s it’s not your fault)
  • You dial up your suffering to attract attention
  • You are susceptible to celebrity behaviour, constantly talking about yourself
  • You have problems with making decisions and acting independently
  • You resist the advice of others
  • Your moods are very changeable
  • You have problems ending relationships, because you need to have someone there to look after you
  • You might use guilt – you owe, I did that for you, you need to be there for me – you need to do this with me

If you resonate with any of these, this you may very well have the Abandonment Wound.

Abandonment Wound Healing Activation
This Abandonment Wound Healing Activation has been created to help you to start healing this emotional wound in yourself and includes the following;

Wound Healing Journal
This printable Journal will help you to think through the various aspects of this emotional wound. It will help you to better understand how it may have come about, and what else it might be connected to in you.

Introductory video
In this video I share more information about this wound so that you can better understand it. This will help you to gain more clarity around this wound and how it’s showing up for you.

Wound Information PDF
This PDF provides you with in-depth information about the wound so that you can refer back to it when you’re going through your healing. It also includes guidance on how you can heal this wound more extensively so that you can eliminate it for good.

Healing Activation Audio MP3
This Abandonment Wound Healing Activation will help you to release the various facets of this wound including past life traumas, traumas you may have experienced as a child or in the womb, and ancestral traumas. This Healing Activation works deeply and can bring about profound insights or realisations. The audio runs for around 25-30 minutes and is delivered by Alexia.