Dishonesty & Lying


These Head Trash Clearance Mantras can be used to help to you lose the emotional charge you have around dishonesty and lying.



Honesty is important for many people and this is why when they experience dishonesty it can be difficult for them to handle.

It’s not only the lies we face in our personal lives, but it could also be the perceived lies we might be facing from politicians, the media or business leaders.

When we find out that we have been lied to, it can trigger all sorts of feelings that can lead to arguments, loss of sleep or even more lies. Often this is because we are reacting emotionally and have been triggered by the dishonesty.

When we are able to let go of the emotion in situations like this, it means we’re better able to deal with it. Perhaps we were lied to *because* of how people worry about how we might react. Maybe there are reasons behind the lie that we are unable to understand or consider because of our current thinking. When have an emotional charge around something it can narrow our thinking which makes it hard for us to see other people’s points of view.

If the thought of dishonesty or being lied to triggers you, then that indicates that you have an imbalance or conflict around this. You value honesty or truth and the thought of being lied to is in conflict with this.

About the Head Trash Clearance Mantras

These Head Trash Clearance Mantras can help you to resolve the conflict so that you can better cope with the dishonesty and lies in your life.

The Head Trash Clearance Mantras are used when clearing your head trash using the Head Trash Clearance Method. The Head Trash Clearance Method is a 5 step DIY method that you can use to get rid of things like fears, anxieties, internal conflicts, self-doubts and procrastination. The clearance process takes around 30-45 minutes.

To achieve the life-changing benefits of using Head Trash Clearance, it is recommended that you use the Head Trash Clearance Method consistently for a period of around 30-60 days.

For guidance on what you need to clear, please refer to the Clear Your Head Trash book or the Clear Your Head Trash online course.


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