Fear of needles and injections


This audio track is designed to help you with a fear of needles and injections so that you can make healthcare appointments without worry.



This audio session is for you if you have a fear of needles, a fear of injections or a fear of blood.

  • Do you panic and worry in the lead-up to an injection?
  • Do you avoid medical treatment because of your fear of injections or needles?
  • Would you like to donate blood, but don’t because of your fear?
  • Are injections a total nightmare for you?
  • Do you hide behind your hands when you see people having injections on TV?

If the thought of having an injection fills you with dread, then this is for you.

Fear of Needles & Injections

As someone who used to be utterly terrified of needles and injections, this is something that I’m familiar with. At my first very first midwife appointment, I couldn’t even concentrate on what she was saying because there was a needle on her desk that was destined for my arm at the end of our meeting. So when I decided to create some pregnancy fear release audio sessions, this was an obvious place to start.

This one-hour audio session addresses the most common aspects of people’s fears around needles and injections;

  • Fear of injections
  • Fear of needles
  • Fear of blood

The pain experienced in injections is usually as a result of the fear-tension-pain cycle. In removing the fear, we prevent the cycle from ever starting.

Once you have cleared the negative emotional baggage that is associated with the thought of needles and injections, you are able to open up your mind to the possibility that needles and injections don’t actually hurt and are OK really. Now, doesn’t that sound like a great place to be?

This audio session is delivered by Alexia and runs for an hour.

What people say

“Hey Alexia… Your “Fear of Needles and Injections” session helped me tremendously with the blood draw portion of the appointment.  I have never been a fan of needles, which I believe stems from when I was a child and my mother told me that it would hurt and I freaked out.  At my Kindergarten round up doctor visit, it took 3 nurses, plus my mother to hold me down and I received the vaccination in my bum and had trouble walking for a week because I tensed everything up. This time as the needle was about to go in for the blood draw, I looked away and said to myself repeatedly “I love needles, I love needles, I love needles.”  After it was in, I could even look at it and the blood being drawn (literally something I have never been able to do). 

It definitely left me feeling empowered

And here’s an email I received from Sheni

“Quick update on my fear of injection. I had my yearly medicals this morning and I must say it was so relaxing. Usually I let them take the blood from the back of my palm, but the lab attendant said the elbow was better. I have always been scared of getting my blood taken from my upper hand, because I feel more in control of my hand than my upper hand. I know fully well the hand is more bony and will be more painful, but my fear of losing control wouldn’t let me.

Today, I just let go and asked her to take the blood from the upper arm (for the first time in my life!). Felt just a pinch and that was it!!! To think all these years I had been scared of this, is just ridiculous.

I can’t thank you enough!!!”


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