Humiliation Wound Healing


This Humiliation Wound Healing Activation has been created to help you to heal the hidden emotional wounds and traumas you carry around humiliation.


Humiliation Wound Healing Activation for those who are suffering, and want to heal, from the Humiliation Wound.

This Humiliation Wound Healing Activation has been created to help you to heal the hidden emotional wounds and traumas you carry around Humiliation.

This Humiliation Wound Healing Activation works in three stages;

  1. First you are invited to explore the wound so that you can better understand where it may have come from and how it’s affecting you.
  2. Next you can listen to the Healing Activation audio. This is a deep working audio that has been created to help you to release the deep and hidden aspects of the wound.
  3. Finally I share next steps for how you can continue with the healing of this wound by sharing common connected themes.

The Humiliation Wound

Perhaps you keep choosing partners or friends that humiliate you. Or maybe you find that you keep doing things for others when they don’t even appreciate it. Do you feel guilty for treating yourself? If any of these resonate, then you are more than likely suffering from the humiliation wound.

Humiliation is the loss of pride which leads to a state of surrender or submission. It’s where someone is made to feel embarrassed or ashamed. We can all relate to those experiences at school when we were asked to read out loud and made a mistake.

Perhaps you can remember a time that something happened and you were laughed at. Maybe there are times in your life when people deliberately humiliated you.

Any one of these experiences could be responsible for the humiliation wound.

Telltale signs you have the Humiliation Wound

This wound manifests in several ways, some of which might mot be immediately obvious or related;

  • You frequently feel ashamed of yourself. It might be that you get involved in situations that make you feel ridiculous or choose partners who humiliate or belittle you.
  • You don’t allow yourself to go at your own pace. Perhaps you feel you’re going too slow or too fast. Or, you might feel feel ashamed for not being able to reach the same pace as others.
  • People pleasing. You have a tendency to give too much to other people. You put aside your own needs for others and do everything for them.
  • You struggle to treat yourself. Buying things of value is a struggle for you, because you think you don’t deserve them.
  • You disrespect yourself. You self-deprecate, put yourself down and blame yourself easily.
  • Indecisive and insecure. You worry what other people think of you, whicb can make you shy. This also feeds your people pleaser tendencies.
  • Criticism cuts deep. You’re easily hurt and hyper sensitive and so you’re easily affected by criticism and people not agreeing with you.
  • You feel responsible for others’ happiness. This means that you might take charge of things that aren’t yours to take charge of. This can lead to feeling overwhelmed with the responsibility (even though it’s not yours).
  • You don’t think you’re enough. You usually do too much: help too much, feel too much, work too much, are too nice…to make up for not feeling enough.
  • Sex is problematic. You accept things in sex that you don’t want to do to please the other person. You might also struggle with pleasure, feeling guilty for it.

Interestingly, forms of humiliation or self-humiliation can be desirable by certain individuals during sex, or as sexual acts. It is important to mention though, that this form is the only consensual form of humiliation.

The humiliation wound makes it more likely that you accept all forms of degradation, even self-imposed.

More tell-tale signs you have this wound

Signs of the humiliation wound include feelings of anger, shame and guilt. In time, these intense emotions may become overwhelming and can lead to long-term psychological issues.

Here are more tell-tale signs that you might have this wound;

  • You don’t feel worthy of being loved.
  • You take little care of yourself, your body, your appearance.
  • If you are harassed or molested, you may think it’s your fault.
  • You are overly afraid of punishment or negative consequences
  • Rather than take charge, you often leave things to “take their own way”.

Humiliation Wound Healing Activation

This Humiliation Wound Healing Activation has been created to help you to start healing this emotional wound in yourself and includes the following;

Wound Healing Journal
This printable Journal will help you to think through the various aspects of this emotional wound. It will help you to better understand how it may have come about, and what else it might be connected to in you.

Introductory video
In this video I share more information about this wound so that you can better understand it. This will help you to gain more clarity around this wound and how it’s showing up for you.

Wound Information PDF
This PDF provides you with in-depth information about the wound so that you can refer back to it when you’re going through your healing. It also includes guidance on how you can heal this wound more extensively so that you can eliminate it for good.

Healing Activation Audio MP3
This Humiliation Wound Healing Activation will help you to release the various facets of this wound including past life traumas, traumas you may have experienced as a child or in the womb, and ancestral traumas. This Healing Activation works deeply and can bring about profound insights or realisations. The audio runs for around 25-30 minutes. It is delivered by Alexia and is equivalent to having a session with her.

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