Losing Control


These Head Trash Clearance Mantras can be used to help to you lose the emotional charge you have around losing control or being out of control.



Pretty much everyone hates not being in control. The very thought of losing control can be enough to set people on edge or stress them out. If this is you then these Head Trash Clearance Mantras can help you.

Losing control can take many guises and affects different aspects of our lives;

Our feelings and emotions: When we let our emotions control us rather than us being in control of them. We might describe this as losing our grip.

Situations: when we’re not the one in control of what’s happening or what decisions are being made.

Our body: when our body is changing in ways that we don’t feel we can control, like pregnancy or weight gain, for example.

If the thought of losing control stresses you out, then that indicates that you have an imbalance or conflict around this. You value control and the thought of being out of control is in conflict with this.

These Head Trash Clearance Mantras can help you to resolve the conflict so that you can better cope with the thought of being out of control.

About the Head Trash Clearance Mantras

The Head Trash Clearance Mantras are used when clearing your head trash using the Head Trash Clearance Method. The Head Trash Clearance Method is a 5 step DIY method that you can use to get rid of things like fears, anxieties, internal conflicts, self-doubts and procrastination. The clearance process takes around 30-45 minutes.

To achieve the life-changing benefits of using Head Trash Clearance, it is recommended that you use the Head Trash Clearance Method consistently for a period of around 30-60 days.

For guidance on what you need to clear, please refer to the Clear Your Head Trash book or the Clear Your Head Trash online course.


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