This audio track has been created to help you to release your feelings of being overwhelmed so that you can get back to a calm place.



Life today can be overwhelming. With so many pressures and things that sap on our attention, feeling overwhelmed is becoming somewhat normal for us. And yet, when we feel overwhelmed, it can stop us in our tracks. we can’t think straight and our to-do list starts to hold power over us.

We know that we need to just work through it, but the feelings of overwhelm just get in the way. Some people feel overwhelm very strongly in their body, with locked jaws or tension affecting them.

The audio track is ideal for helping you to let these feelings go and it can be useful track to turn to whenever the feelings of overwhelm get too much. To avoid the arrival of feelings of overwhelm altogether, you need to address the triggers; the things that make you feel overwhelmed.

This can be achieved by using the Head Trash Clearance Method on those things that trigger those feelings in you. But until you’ve managed to do that, this audio is a useful tool in your self-care kit.