Scarcity Wound Healing


This Scarcity Wound Healing Activation has been created to help you to heal the hidden emotional wounds and traumas you carry around Scarcity.


Scarcity Wound Healing Activation for those who are suffering from the Scarcity Wound.

This Scarcity Wound Healing Activation has been created to help you to heal the hidden emotional wounds and traumas you carry around Scarcity.

This Scarcity Wound Healing Activation works in three stages;

  1. First you are invited to explore the wound so that you can better understand where it may have come from and how it’s affecting you.
  2. Next you can listen to the Healing Activation audio. This is a deep working audio that has been created to help you to release the deep and hidden aspects of the wound.
  3. Finally I share next steps for how you can continue with the healing of this wound by sharing common connected themes.

The Scarcity Wound

A scarcity wound is almost universally connected to poverty, and especially child poverty.

In economic terms, scarcity is where there is a limited supply of something. In the context of psychology and mental health, scarcity can also refer to the scarce feelings of affection, love, care and having someone that can help you through hard times, particularly during adolescence.

Typically, you will have the Scarcity Wound if you lost material possessions or grew up with limited resources.

This wound is often associated with loss or inadequacy. For example, when a loved one dies, it’s not just the death that causes grief, but also the period following their passing where you realise that they are gone forever.

The scarcity wound often leaves you feeling inadequate. You may even worry about what others may think of your social or financial status.

It can be described as the fear of not being able to have enough of something that is crucial to survival and wellbeing.

This can be especially scarring to the mental health of those that experience either or both forms or scarcity, and causes issues in mental wellbeing later in life.

There may be some merit in the underlying sentiment that “time heals all wounds.” However, truthfully, time is not always enough to heal what has been lost or never recovered.

Telltale signs you have the Scarcity Wound

Those who have experienced material scarcity more strongly than emotional scarcity may go the extra length to impress people with any newfound material assets. Or, if they are still living in poorer conditions, they may withdraw from people altogether to avoid judgement.

  • Approaching all things in life from a monetary perspective
  • Hate or extreme admiration for people deemed above the person’s social class
  • You love discounts, and are often drawn to things you might not even want, need or like because it’s discounted
  • You take a long time checking prices or coupons, for very little discount
  • You get annoyed when you get a slightly worse price, or if you miss a discount day
  • You often remember the past when you were poor, and are afraid of reliving it
  • You value everyone’s help a little too much
  • You hoard goods when they are on discount, regardless if you are going to use them or not
  • You make overly rational purchases and are extremely frugal
  • You buy more than you need because you don’t want to run out
  • You struggle to buy things that you don’t perceive to be essential or important

If you resonate with any of these, you may very well have the Scarcity Wound.

Scarcity Wound Healing Activation
This Scarcity Wound Healing Activation has been created to help you to start healing this emotional wound in yourself and includes the following;

Wound Healing Journal
This printable Journal will help you to think through the various aspects of this emotional wound. It will help you to better understand how it may have come about, and what else it might be connected to in you.

Introductory video
In this video I share more information about this wound so that you can better understand it. This will help you to gain more clarity around this wound and how it’s showing up for you.

Wound Information PDF
This PDF provides you with in-depth information about the wound so that you can refer back to it when you’re going through your healing. It also includes guidance on how you can heal this wound more extensively so that you can eliminate it for good.

Healing Activation Audio MP3
This Scarcity Wound Healing Activation will help you to release the various facets of this wound including past life traumas, traumas you may have experienced as a child or in the womb, and ancestral traumas. This Healing Activation works deeply and can bring about profound insights or realisations. The audio runs for around 25-30 minutes and is delivered by Alexia.