Uncertainty & Not Knowing


This Head Trash Clearance track can help you to lose the fear, stress or anxiety you feel around uncertainty and not knowing.

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Fear of uncertainty is something that a lot of people struggle with and when it hits dizzying heights it can begin to contribute to anxiety.
Not knowing how things will turn out is part of this. For example there may be situations where you have to wait for an answer or a decision on something, and perhaps you find the waiting and not knowing excruciating.
We all experience uncertainty in our lives, but we don’t all struggle with it in the same way. If uncertainty is a struggle for you then this track could be helpful. When we have a fear of something, we struggle to experience it. The fear response can mean that we can see beyond and therefore any solutions or possible ways forward will be blind to us. Clearing the emotion can be a useful way to find a better way, a way to cope.
Once you are more comfortable with the idea of uncertainty you will find that it won’t have such a hold on you.It’s power of you will decrease and you might even start becoming aware of areas in your life where you seek out uncertainty.


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