Wearing a Mask


This head trash clearance track may help you to lose the fear, stress or anxiety around wearing a face mask, or the idea of not wearing a mask.

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Mask anxiety is a very real thing right now and it’s something we need to take seriously.
Wearing masks is something that most of us are being asked to do at the moment, especially if we’re in a public place. Some people are fine with that, but not everyone.
If the thought of wearing a face mask is bringing up feelings of stress, fear or anxiety for you, then this clearance track may help.
Maybe it’s the physical experience of wearing a mask that is stressful for you, or perhaps it’s because of what wearing a mask reminds you of.
With the way that COVID is continuing to affect our lives, wearing a mask could be a reality for months to come. And so whether we agree with it or not, the important thing is to reduce the stress we associate with it, and that it can create in us.