Self-Sabotage Clearance

Have you set goals that you can’t seem to achieve?
Things get in the way or perhaps you keep repeating the same old patterns, and you never quite reach them… and you just don’t know why! Or maybe you do know why; you keep repeating the same old patterns, but you just can’t help yourself.
Have you set yourself a big fat hairy goal that you’ve just got to nail?
Perhaps this is make or break for you, or maybe you’ve decided that THIS is time you nail it. And you don’t want to take any chances.

It might just be time for some Sabotage Clearance.

We think we’re in control, and I hate to be the one to break it to you, but we’re not. Not really.

The driving power behind our behaviour comes from deep within. The same place where our deepest fears, emotional conflicts and beliefs hang out.

Just like the captain of a ship. He might decide which way he wants the ship to go, but those who are really in control of the ship are the rowers below deck. And if they don’t do what he says, then the boat won’t go where he wants it to go. He can shout all he wants. But if they’re ignoring him then it just doesn’t matter.

That’s a lot like our minds. We might think that our conscious mind is in control, but the real control is happening subconsciously. And if we don’t take a look below deck, then we could be going around in circles for ever.

Here’s what Sabotage Clearance can help you with

Our ambitions and desires are limitless, and Sabotage Clearance can be used on any aspect of your life and work.

Here are some of the ways I’ve supported my clients with Sabotage Clearance that I can help you with too;


  • Getting clarity on your message or business proposition 
  • Clearing the blocks that are preventing you from selling effectively
  • Overcoming the fear of failure that’s holding you back in business or work
  • Finding out whether the goal you’re pursuing is aligned to your true self
  • Removing the resistance that’s preventing you from living healthily
  • Conquering a fear of launching a new course or product in your business
  • Overcoming the things stopping you from starting a family
  • Clearing the resistance you have over attracting and holding down intimate relationships

Self-Sabotage Clearance

These sessions are entirely focussed on clearing all the sources of sub-conscious self sabotage that stand between you and a goal or desire. You need to come to the session with a clear goal in mind.

We kick-off with a BIG sabotage clearance session. This first session could last anything from an hour or two depending on how much sabotage you have going on. I don’t stop until all your sub-conscious sources of self-sabotage are cleared.

We then follow up with TWO laser clearance sessions to clear some of the main themes that came up during our sabotage clearance session.

Imagine the path to your goal is blocked by these big thick walls. During our first session we bang through these walls so that you can get through. But some of these walls need to be torn down in their entirety because they’re tied to sabotaging patterns that are affecting other parts of your life. This means that if you approach your goal from a slightly different direction (or if you tweak your goal) that they might still get in the way. So we need to go back to tear them them down completely.

Once we’re done, you’re free to go and nail your goal #happydance

All three sessions are carried out via Zoom.

Working with Alexia is powerful.

She has a knack for unpicking what the actual underlying issues are and picking up on things that you say, this takes a lot of skill and listening!

These sessions are ideal if you know that something is holding you or your business back.


Head trash clearance is just exceptional.

It just unlocks stuff!


CEO, SaaS Comapny

Last year I found myself in the position of having to go from part to full-time work as a result of my husband unexpectedly being made redundant. Previously, I had made on average about £35k per year as a second income, but at this time I had to replace his 6-figure income to meet our obligations.

I took the time to sit and work out a strategy, and in implementing it, I realised I had hit a very old wall of fear of failure. I had a session with Alexia – ONE SESSION – and it was gone as if it had never been. A lifelong fear, one which had never been tested or shifted, was simply absent from then on in my mindset.

I went on to not only meet, but exceed my target, and I can trace that trajectory directly to the freeing work I did that night over Skype with Alexia.


My sessions with Alexia have been amazing and life-changing.

I needed self-confidence in running my business. I knew some of the things getting in the way, but I knew there was probably some stuff that was a bit deeper that I needed to solve.

Now I’m more confident and that was my main aim.

I’m also willing to give things a try in my business that I wouldn’t have before and I am seeing the results.



If you’re interested in working together and you’re not sure what programme is right for you, then I’d love to invite you to hop on a call so that I can better understand your needs and let you know how I can support you.