Self sabotage

Stop getting in your own way

For good


Self-sabotage is when we prevent ourselves from reaching our goals. Most of the time we do this subconsciously. This is what makes it so frustrating. We know we’re doing it, but we’re not quite sure how. We just know that we are because we keep missing our goals.

Self-sabotaging behaviour can affect nearly every aspect of our lives, whether it’s our relationships, around our work, career or business, or around personal goal such as weight loss or quitting smoking.

Self-sabotaging behaviour can take a few forms but mostly fall into these camps;

Blocks. This is where we simply stop ourselves from moving forward and it’s usually down to an underlying fear. This can lead to procrastination and inaction, which ultimately means we don’t get nearer to our goals.

Conflict. This is where we zig-zag or we flip-flop between two different sometimes opposing actions. Conflicts usually makes us feel like we’re running around in circles or that we flit between going all in with something, and then pulling back off it. The result being that we don’t move forward. It’s like being in the car and using your accelerator and brakes at the same time.

Thankfully, self-sabotaging can be dealt with and it doesn’t have to take long.

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Many people can’t think about what they want in life. It’s not that they don’t know. They just have a deeply protective unconscious preventing them thinking from about what they want. It could be that it’s trying to protect them from making mistakes they’ve made in the past. This self-sabotage will create uncomfortable emotional and physical feelings, and will encourage the internal voice to say negative things whenever they try to focus on those things that would make them happy.

What many don’t realise is that your sabotage has a good intention and this needs to be acknowledged. This is why it’s essential to align the conscious with the sub-conscious, so that the path to your desires is clear of sabotage. Then your desires are yours for the taking!