eliminate self-sabotage

The frustrating thing about self-sabotage is that we feel we’re stuck with it. That we can’t get rid it. But that’s not the case. It is possible to eliminate self sabotage, and to do so pretty quickly.

Self-sabotage is when we prevent ourselves from reaching our goals. Most of the time we do this subconsciously. This is what makes it so frustrating. We know we’re doing it, but we’re not quite sure how. We just know that we are because we keep missing our goals.

Self-sabotaging behaviour can affect nearly every aspect of our lives, whether it’s our relationships, around our work, career or business, or around personal goal such as weight loss or quitting smoking.

Self-sabotaging behaviour can take a few forms but mostly fall into these camps;

Blocks. This is where we simply stop ourselves from moving forward and it’s usually down to an underlying fear. This can lead to procrastination and inaction, which ultimately means we don’t get nearer to our goals.

Conflict. This is where we zig-zag or we flip-flop between two different sometimes opposing actions. Conflicts usually makes us feel like we’re running around in circles or that we flit between going all in with something, and then pulling back off it. The result being that we don’t move forward. It’s like being in the car and using your accelerator and brakes at the same time.

Thankfully, self-sabotaging can be dealt with and it doesn’t have to take long.

Here’s how you can eliminate your self-sabotage.

How to eliminate self-sabotage

To do this you must put some time aside to this process. You might need an hour or two. It depends on how much self-sabotage you have going on.

1. Identify the goal you want to focus on.

This might be one that has been eluding you for a while, or a new goal.

2. Go inward and consider your goal

Once you’ve identified your goal, go inward and consider your goal.

It can be useful to think about how you might go about achieving the goal; the steps you need to take. Perhaps you don’t know the steps, and that’s fine too.

Often the sabotage comes from our need to KNOW what we’ll be doing, and because we don’t we do nothing. The key here is to TRUST that you’ll figure it out.

So for this step, all you need to do is to sit quietly considering your goal and the VERY NEXT STEP that you need to take to move forward.

As you do that, notice what comes up for you? Does it feel light and exciting? Do you want to jump in and do it without hesitation? If not you have some self-sabotage going on.

What is it? Whatever comes up is what you need to clear using the Head Trash Clearance Method™.

Some people can’t even get to the stage of sitting with their goal and imagining the first step because the sabotage comes up straight away. The minute they think of their goal they feel it in the pit of their stomach; that sinking feeling that we all know so well.

If you can’t even THINK of your goal without sabotaging, then of course you find it impossible to take the action you need to achieve it which is why this goal has been eluding you.

3. Clear the sabotage

This might be a fear or a feeling. It really depends on what came up for you. Whatever it is, clear it using the Head Trash Clearance Method.

4. Now go back to your goal

Now revisit step 2 and sit with your goal. Imagine the next steps you need to take and notice what comes up again. Whatever comes up needs to be cleared too.

Keep doing this until you can sit and imagine achieving your goal without the heaviness or dread.

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