Stress Makes Life Hard Work
Isn’t it time for a change?


These days everyone you meet is stressed. It’s a symptom of our time. These same people are also dabbling in various ways to help them to combat their stresses; meditation, exercise, apps, eating or drinking … you name it!

Some people believe that stress can’t be reduced, it can only be managed, but I would disagree. The thing about stress that’s worth getting your head around is this: what’s stressful for one person isn’t necessarily stressful for another. In other words, it’s not the world that is stressful, it YOU who is being stressed by the world. Sure, the world is pretty messed up right now, but there are plenty of people who float about in a serene state of calmness. So how do they do it? Their secret is this: they are not being affected by it in the same way and they’re not getting stressed.

We might not be able to choose what happens all around us, but we can choose how we respond to it. It’s in these moments that we can reduce the stress we experience.

So if you’re up for reducing the stress in your life, if not banish it entirely, then you’re in the right place.

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Ready to de-stress?

This might sound easier said that done, but it’s pretty simple really. It all starts with a big whinge-fest! Yes! Ask yourself what stresses you out – cue big fat whinge – and make notes. Your notes will then be your guide to a life with less stress. Combine your notes with our Head Trash Clearance Method and you’re on your way.