Are you a victim of the betrayal wound?

Were you let down by someone you thought highly of? If so, you may find it challenging to trust people now, and for good reason: once bitten, twice shy! Being betrayed by a loved one is bound to take its toll and leave you hurting.

If you relate to this, you may have an invisible betrayal wound. Everyone, at some point of their lives has felt a strong feeling of breach of trust, a betrayal.

How does the Betrayal Wound come about?

Unlike other wounds, like neglect and guilt, the betrayal wound can arise at any time. Children may experience it after being let down by a parent. As a rule, kids expect love, care, and attention from their parents. When parents intentionally refuse to care for their child, or act hurtfully towards them, children may develop a betrayal wound.

Romantic partners may experience the betrayal wound after their significant other unexpectedly abandoned them, cheats, or adopts hurtful behaviours over time.

Betrayal can end friendships and professional relationships, too. If the betrayal was strong enough, the victim may develop a deep, gaping betrayal wound.

Betrayal and breach of trust are tied to our morality, so what may be betrayal for one person, might not be for another. This difference in perception between two parties can create additional emotional friction. This could make any betrayal situation messier than it would’ve been otherwise.

Common fears associated with the Betrayal Wound

Children with the betrayal wound may find it difficult to show vulnerability around other kids and adults, alike. This is especially true if they were betrayed by a parent; someone they thought they could blindly trust.

Romantic partners who have been cheated on may develop a fear of the other gender. They may assume all men or women are the same, and that nobody is worth their time.

Friends and coworkers with the betrayal wound may also develop an inability to trust others, especially new peers. They may take years to open up and form new bonds, never fully letting their guard down.

  • Fear that you will be betrayed again, causing even worse outcomes
  • Fear of trusting someone
  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of not being good enough

Telltale signs you have the Betrayal Wound

Here’s how to know if you have the betrayal wound:

  • You find it difficult to trust others
  • You avoid meeting new people and are hyper-vigilant when you do
  • You live in constant fear of rejection
  • Feelings of not being “good enough” often haunt you
  • You have low self esteem
  • You frequently experience anxiety, nightmares, and betrayal flashbacks
  • Sleep escapes you
  • You lack confidence, with underlying suspicions of everyone and everything
  • You display extreme reactions when you believe you have been done wrong
  • When you are put in a situation where you need to trust a person, company, or organisation, you are very suspicious of their intents

Typical beliefs arising from this wound

Individuals with the betrayal wound often feel as if the world is not as it seems. They may assume all, if not most, people wear masks. In many cases, the victim may wear a mask, too, to avoid showing vulnerability or being hurt again.

They may also feel like the world isn’t a safe place to live in, and that people are inherently evil. As a result, many individuals with the betrayal wound prefer spending time alone over socialising.

How to heal from this wound

An important first step is to acknowledge you have this wound. While this might be obvious, it’s important. And once you’ve accepted it, it becomes much easier to explore the possible ways that this wound is showing up for you. It also helps you to take a look a where this wound might have come from for you.

Understanding the source of your wounds can be a great healer in itself. This knowledge alone can often collapse wounds.

Recommended Clearances

If you would like to start healing the loss wound, then here are come clearances you do using Head Trash Clearance;

  • being let down
  • trust
  • being disappointed
  • vulnerability
  • weakness
  • rejection
  • lying
  • being deceived


Would you like to heal this wound?

I’ve created a Wound Healing Activation for the Betrayal wound. These Wound Healing Activations have been created so that you can start healing your emotional wounds yourself.

My Wound Healing Activations include;

Wound Healing Journal

My Wound Healing Journal includes lots of prompts to help you explore this this wound in yourself. The questions help you to explore the various facets of our emotional wounds so that you can better understand where the wound may have come from, who’s connected to it for you, and how it shows up for you.

My Wound Healing Journal also helps you to track your healing as you work through healing the wound.

Mini-masterclass on the Wound

I’ve created a video on this wound to help you think through how the Neglect wound might be showing up for you. Watch this with the Wound Healing Journal to hand so that you can make notes and identify the various aspects of this wound you need to heal.

Healing Activation Session Audio MP3

This is a Wound Healing Activation audio that will explore the various aspects of this wound. This is deep working audio healing activation that will activate the healing within you by releasing a lot of the deeply buried memories and conflicts. This audio is equivalent to a session with me.

betrayal wound healing


Head over to here check out my Wound Healing Activations

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