Are you a victim of the neglect wound?

Sharper than a knife; the neglect wound cuts deep and result from can result from carelessness, abuse, indifference, or unwillingness to help. Though the wound itself is invisible, it manifests in observable behaviours anyone can see.

This is because people with the neglect wound sometimes act differently than their peers. However, like any emotional wound, you can overcome it with patience, care, and self-love!

How does the Neglect Wound come about?

Most of us will have picked up our neglect wounds from poor childhood circumstances. If you grew up without attentive parents, or were used to being ignored as a kid, chances are you have the neglect wound.

Sometimes, parents don’t mean to intentionally neglect their kids, but do so because they’re caught up in their busy 9-5s, and life! This is especially true if both parents work, or if either parent is absent. It is very common for children who come from single-parent families, where the parent simply doesn’t have the capacity or resources to be able to satisfy the various needs of their child.

However, many kids experience neglect simply because their parents choose to ignore their needs. In other cases, parents may burden their children with unreasonably high expectations. If the child protests, the parents may punish them or ignore their cry for help.

Either way, the neglect wound arises in children who don’t get adequate emotional attention or care from their loved ones. Furthermore, they might also be deprived of physical needs, like clothes or quality nutrition.

Neglect can have long lasting effects and lead into many long-term side effects including low self-esteem, attention disorders, exhibition of violent behaviour and even self-harm.

Common fears associated with the Neglect Wound

The neglect wound can leave people feeling like they don’t matter. They may be afraid to voice their opinions or ask for more than what they’ve been given.

Adults neglected in their childhood may have people-pleasing tendencies to compensate for their fear of abandonment. So, they may go the extra mile to make those close to them happy if it’ll help keep the relationship alive.

Moreover, people with the neglect wound may avoid situations that make them feel vulnerable. They are afraid of showing their true feelings lest they be rejected or, in extreme cases, abandoned.

Here are some common fears that arise from the neglect wound;

  • Irrational fear of being left alone
  • Insecurity about food and eating patterns
  • Fear of forming social bonds and relationships – in fear of neglecting them
  • Fear of commitment and lack of defensive, coping mechanisms
  • Fear or avoidance of making decisions for other people

The neglect wound is one of the most apparent wounds, physically. It shows in many ways on a person’s body and can affect their wellbeing in severe, crippling ways.

Telltale signs you have the Neglect Wound

Individuals with the neglect wound may:

  • Feel lonely even when they’re in large groups
  • Fail to prioritise their needs
  • Feel empty inside and have low self esteem
  • Aim for perfectionism
  • Have low expectations from others
  • Attempt to numb or ignore their own feelings
  • Neglect themselves
  • Malnutrition for children and irrational food choices and combinations
  • Stunted growth and inadequate bone and muscle growth
  • Poor decision making, understanding, developmental issues, attention disorders
  • Attention seeking behaviours regardless of age
  • Extreme attachment to certain individuals
  • Munchhausen Syndrome (When a person tries to attract attention on themselves by falsifying, causing, or exaggerating a factitious or real illness)

Typical beliefs arising from this wound

Adults with the neglect wound often see the world as an unfair playing ground where they have the lower hand. As a result, they may refuse to believe they deserve anything more than the hand they’ve been dealt.

They may also believe their emotions don’t matter and stop themselves from feeling things. If they ever experience an unpleasant emotion, like anger, they’ll likely shut it down because they assume they aren’t “allowed” to be angry. As a result, people with the neglect wound are highly likely to accept negative life circumstances without fighting to improve them.

However, in some cases they may get angry easily and express it during the most unexpected moments.

How to heal the Neglect Wound

Healing neglect can be healed through education and a proper, well trained and supportive environment. A strong social connection and social opportunities may also help alleviate some of the longer lasting consequences of neglect.

If you want to start healing this wound yourself then it’s possible to healing some of the aspects of this wound so that you can lessen the impact of this wound on your day-to-day life. You can do this using Head Trash Clearance, or indeed with any other emotional healing technique.

Recommended Clearances

If you would like to start healing this wound using Head Trash Clearance, here are a list of recommended clearances you can start with;

  • being neglected
  • being left alone, being alone
  • putting yourself first
  • putting other people first
  • being selfish
  • feeling lonely
  • being ignored
  • asking for help
  • feeling insecure

Would you like to heal this wound?

I’ve created a Wound Healing Activation for the Neglect wound. These Wound Healing Activations have been created so that you can start healing your emotional wounds yourself.

My Wound Healing Activations include;

Wound Healing Journal

My Wound Healing Journal includes lots of prompts to help you explore this this wound in yourself. The questions help you to explore the various facets of our emotional wounds so that you can better understand where the wound may have come from, who’s connected to it for you, and how it shows up for you.

My Wound Healing Journal also helps you to track your healing as you work through healing the wound.

Mini-masterclass on the Wound

I’ve created a video on this wound to help you think through how the Neglect wound might be showing up for you. Watch this with the Wound Healing Journal to hand so that you can make notes and identify the various aspects of this wound you need to heal.

Healing Activation Session Audio MP3

This is a Wound Healing Activation audio that will explore the various aspects of this wound. This is deep working audio healing activation that will activate the healing within you by releasing a lot of the deeply buried memories and conflicts. This audio is equivalent to a session with me.

neglect wound

Head over to here check out my Wound Healing Activations

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