Since talking more about my adventures in trauma clearance, I’ve quite a few messages from people asking me HOW.

How am I clearing my traumas?

It seems that this is a Thing people want to do right now. So, if you’ve been wondering too, here goes…

I have a trauma clearance process that I came up with a few years back and that I’ve been using with clients to clear their birth traumas. I try and make a lot of my clearance tools DIY so that my clients can do their own clearances should they want. The trauma one is one such DIY tool, but, I don’t share it unless I know the person has already done a lot of clearance and that they’re ready for clearing their traumas. Releasing trauma can be messy and needs to be done with care.

My process works very much like my Head Trash Clearance method and includes the repetition of certain mantras while applying pressure on certain acupressure points. For trauma, it’s a whole new set of mantras.

Anyway, I decided to tweak my mantras so that I could tackle traumas that I can’t remember or identify. This meant coming up with new mantras that poked the bear. By that I mean mantras that provoked something within me and created a release. It was my aim to wear my bear out so that he can’t be arsed to respond to my poking.

With a painful trauma you can remember, this would mean that when you recall it or are reminded of it, it does nothing to you. No tears. No emotions. Just acceptance and acknowledgment it happened. The memory has no emotional content.

New clearance mantras for traumas

Every time I tweaked my mantras I tested them on myself. And as I did, I came up with more tweaks and kept going back to test again on new things. The more traumas I cleared, the more new mantras came to me that seemed to ‘poke the bear’. If they brought about a release, then I’d add them in for next time.

At one time, I was pretty much clearing every other day for about a month. It was totally exhausting, emotional and brutal…. but for me very much worth it.

The mantra set for trauma clearance has now expanded quite significantly compared to the set of mantras I used to use. It feels like it’s going much deeper within to clear stuff. It certainly feels that way when I’m doing it.

Practically, it goes like this…

In terms of sitting down to do a clearance…

Normally when I clear a trauma I can recall, I place my attention on the experience and connect to it (no need to re-live it, just connect to it). But now I wanted to heal experiences that I can’t recall, or that might not even have happened to me.

So instead I placed my intention on healing this thing that I was carrying emotionally and I asked my subconscious to help me to release it for good.

Then I’d unleash my mantras and see what happened.

I can pretty much predict how things will go.

Trauma clearance has been exhausting for me!

I will spend the next half an hour working my way through a box of tissues as my eyes and nose unleash a never-ending stream of tears and mucus.
I did say it was messy!
The tears aren’t necessarily from crying – more an emotional release.
But sometimes there is proper sob-sob crying. Which is weird, especially when it’s for things I can’t even remember or experiences I haven’t personally had. Just goes to show how much emotional crap we’re carrying.

Then when I reach the end, I feel totally done-in and exhausted, but lighter. Oh so light!

I then sleep REALLY well. For ages!

So I’ve now started doing these later in the day, otherwise my day gets trashed as I need to go and lie down.

Would you like to let go of your hidden traumas?

Since talking more about my adventures in trauma clearance, I’ve had quite a lot of interest from people who want to let go of their hidden traumas too. So I’m thinking about coming up with some kind of group (or one-to-one) experience where I could guide a small group of people through releasing some of these hidden traumas.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in taking part in, then send a message below to let me know and I’ll keep you posted if/when I come up with something.


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