Workplace Workshops & Talks

Here are our workplace talks and workshops…

From Conker to Glitterball

    45-60 mins     Unlimited

The simple way to build your emotional health and mental fitness. For reals.

How to clear your head trash

     2 hours            15 max

How to build your emotional strength and mental fitness. The FAST way.

What is YOUR head trash?

     2 hours             20 max

Identify and eliminate head trash around specific challenges in the workplace.

Stamp Out Stress

      3 hours      15 per group

Let’s get rid of the three things that stress you out
the most.

Stress Clear Out

      2 hrs/wk     10 per group

Over 6 weeks we will identify and eliminate the things that stress you out. For good.

The Big Head Trash Clear Out

      2 hrs/wk     8 per group

A 12-week group programme to transform emotional health and mental fitness.

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