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Abandonment Trauma: my experience of healing it

Abandonment trauma is something I've been aware of but it was only recently that I decide to try and heal it. If you've been following my adventures in trauma clearance, you'll know that I'm feeling very called to clear my traumas at the moment. If you missed it, I...

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Trauma Clearance – How I’m doing it

Since talking more about my adventures in trauma clearance, I've quite a few messages from people asking me HOW. How am I clearing my traumas? It seems that this is a Thing people want to do right now. So, if you've been wondering too, here goes... I have a trauma...

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The dangers of playing hide and seek

Did you ever play hide and seek as a kid? I bet it's a YES. Please don't say no... because that would be a little bit sad. If you did - and you did, right?..  then your hide and seek shenanigans could be responsible for some head trashy challenges you might be...

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Traumas and Yetis; 2 things they have in common

I'm feeling very called to get back to work on clearing trauma at the moment. A few months ago I went all in with it when I was really ill. My mind had pretty much shut down and healing was my sole focus as I kicked off a physical healing protocol, but it would need...

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Clearing self-sabotage. What it looks like: an example

Today I want to share with you what clearing self-sabotage looks like. Like EXACTLY. I'm going to share with you an example of someone I worked with so that you can better understand how we self-sabotage. And perhaps this will help you with your own self-sabotaging...

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Your public speaking fears are not what you think they are

Not all public speaking or presenting is equal, at least when it comes to how we feel about it. Presenting and public speaking sit nicely at the top of any list about fears and anxiety. Thank you primal brain for that! But not all presenting or public speaking is...

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Reducing her OCD by 80%. Becky’s story

I want to share Becky's story with you. Becky recently finished working with a Head Trash Coach, and this story has a happy ending. Becky came for help with her tokophobia. Tokophobia is the extreme fear of pregnancy and birth, and is often accompanied by other mental...

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Resistance. What it is and how it shows up.

Resistance is what it sounds like. Something that hinders you or slows you down. When the resistance is so great, it can stop you altogether. The brakes on your bike are a form of resistance. They help you to slow down, but push hard enough and you stop. The same kind...

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What is a Head Trash Clearance To-do List?

I often talk about adding things to your Head Trash Clearance To-do List, so I want to explain more about what this is and why it's important. What is a Head Trash Clearance To-Do List? Quite simply, it's the list of things that you've identified that you want to...

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Clearing head trash. Amber’s story

We all experience head trash so it makes sense to want to clear it. At least it does in my mind! The way I like to do that is using Head Trash Clearance. Head Trash Clearance is a clearance tool that I developed during my own pregnancies and I used it to overcome my...

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