I worked with a coach who wanted to ditch her job and do her coaching full-time.

She wanted to be the best coach she could be and had invested over $30,000 in getting trained in All.The.Things. She’d even persuaded her husband to let them re-mortgage their house so that she could invest in some more training. She’d trained with some of The Best and had done god-knows-how-many processes to help get her unstuck, but her coaching business was going nowhere.

When I heard her story I knew that traditional coaching methods was the last thing she needed. She’d had bucket loads of that in various forms and none of it had worked. So I used Head Trash Clearance with her to clear all the self-sabotage standing between her and her goal.

We spent around 45 minutes clearing and then she hit an epic realisation: she didn’t want to get paid for her coaching.

In fact, she didn’t actually want a coaching business! She loved her job because it brought her real fulfilment, if not the monetary rewards. She only wanted to do coaching on the side informally, perhaps in her job when needed but not more than that.

Then came the kicker

The realisation of what that meant. That she had spent over $30k chasing something that she didn’t even want. And the time and energy she had invested into chasing something that she didn’t truly desire with her heart.

This is why it never became a reality for her: deep down she simply didn’t want it. Of course she wasn’t going to let it happen.

No-one else had been able to help her uncover that and we did it in under an hour.

This is the power of head trash clearance.

When clients come to me with their goals and ambitions, the first thing I do is clear the sabotage around their goal. This is because when we are aligned with our true desires and are free of head trash, NO THING can stop us.

After that, my job is keeping them focussed on the goal and helping them to clear whatever head trash comes up.

Many coaches operate at a logical level. They help their clients to think through all their options and consider all the things that might stop them, but this takes time. And because it’s very logical and left brain, it’s surface level.

Our desires and freedom to take action come from somewhere much deeper than that. If we want to achieve our life’s true desires then we need to start by uncovering what they TRUELY are… not what we THINK they are.

Think about the goals in life that you’ve been pursuing. Do you know truly, if they are aligned with your heart’s desires?

How does it feel when you take a moment to tune in to your desires?

If you think that you might be self-sabotaging around your goals, then read this blog where you’ll discover the 5 tell tale signs of self-sabotage.

If you’re a coach and want to add Head Trash Clearance to your coaching, then check out my Head Trash Coaching training. Self-sabotage clearance is something I teach on my Head Trash Coaching training.

Using Head Trash Clearance is fast, simple and unbelievably effective at clearing unconscious sabotaging patterns in your clients.

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