sound silly

Sounds a bit silly doesn’t it? How can people fear silliness?

Lots of people worry about sounding silly. They think that if they sound silly that they won’t be taken seriously.

Because of this they don’t do stuff. Stuff that could transform their lives or their business.

They don’t go socialising or networking

… because when they have to introduce themselves they might sound silly.


They don’t say how they feel

… in case it makes them seem silly.


They don’t do Facebook lives

… because they might look and sound silly


They don’t pitch to be on podcasts or panels

… because they might come across as silly and not be taken seriously.


Because being taken seriously is the goal is it?

Is that you?

Are you worried that if you sound silly, you won’t be taken seriously?



Have you considered that ‘sounding silly’ and ‘being taken seriously’ isn’t an EITHER / OR?

You can sound silly AND be taken seriously.

You can sound silly AND have people like you.

You can sound silly AND make a ton of money.


Like Michael McIntyre. He’s a very silly man.

He’s a very silly man whom a lot of people like.

And he has a ton of cash.


In fact, sounding silly or messing up might be WHY people decide to take you seriously.

… you’re being real and they respect that.


Sounding silly might be the reason why they like you.

…. you make them smile as you remind them of themselves.


Sounding silly might be the reason why they want to work with you.

…. your realness means they trust you.


Being MORE silly could help you to stand out for all the right reasons.


Don’t worry about sounding silly. That’s just silly.

If you say something silly, own it.


Don’t apologise for it. That’s just silly.

Smooch past it like it was no biggie.


It’s probably the part of you we’d like to see MORE of.

The human, funny, vulnerable version.


Stop being a silly billy!


Own your silliness.

Be deliberate with it.


It could change your life.


How to be more silly

If the thought of deliberately being silly is mortifying to you, then let’s see what we can do change that.

But first let me ask you this:

What is it that you’re afraid of happening, if you do or say something silly?

Is it that…

  • You won’t be taken seriously?
  • People might think you’re an idiot?
  • Others might think you’re being insensitive?

Your answer to this question is important because it holds the key. It’s the fear that’s holding you back.

Once you’ve figure this out you’re good to go.

The next and most obvious move is to use the Head Trash Clearance Method to clear the resistance you have to being silly. Then you need to clear the thing you’re fearful of…the answer to the question I just asked you.

Your clearance list will be

  • silliness, being silly
  • seriousness (or whatever you gave as an answer above)

You can get hold of the clearance method in my book Clear Your Head Trash.

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